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What we’ll cove in this course..

Learn and Experience

“Life Changing Skills”

      1. Mind – Body Connection
      2. Self-hypnotherapy
      3. Mind Controlling Methods
      4. Sub-conscious Communication Techniques
      5. Past Life Regression
      6. Advance Meditation
      7. Spiritual experience and Spiritual Awakening
      8. Psycho – Spiritual Games and Videos
      9. Practical and Practice

Top Secret Of The Universe

“Energy over Matter”

All matter in the universe is made up of energy. But, in early time it was very hard to accept the existence of energy over matter for science. Because it works at subtle level. The range of human senses was not able to capture, understand or utilize the energy. Where as to work upon the matter was easy as we can capture it with our senses easily.

But gradually science developed technology and methodology to understand, control and utilize the energy. Now a day’s science gives more important towards energy rather than matter. Atomic energy, Solar energy, gravity force, quantum physics are the best example for energy over matter.

That’s why the effects of mind (Thoughts and Feelings) over body is the scientifically proven matter. Even it is medically proven that our 90 % disease are psychosomatic disorders. During this course we will understand the effects of mind on our health, wealth and relation.

How To Program Human Mind ?

No name, no religion, no relation was labelled on you before you born here. But gradually our society programmed all this in our mind. Each thought, emotion and behavior are the result of this social programming. In fact, our all decisions, beliefs and actions are nothing but the reflection of past programmed memories. Which is known as experience in laymen’s language. Thus, we can clearly say that human mind is totally programmable.

But unfortunately, most of the human minds are programmed with no intention, no goal and no direction. Such unguided and uncontrolled mind leads human potential towards the destructive ways. All psychological disorders, relationship issues and anti-social behavior are the result of negative or unwanted mind programming.

Hypnotherapy is the new generation technology through which we can program, un-program or re-program the human mind according to its requirement. Here. in this course you will learn different mind programming techniques to help your self, your family and friends.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is simply a calm and relaxed state of mind.  This state of mind is very important for programming. That’s why there are multiple branches mentioning about the same state of mind differently.

  • Scientifically it is known as sub-conscious state of mind
  • According to brain wave technology it is a Alpha or Theta state of mind
  • Spiritually it is known as TRANCE state of mind.
  • In Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta, it is mentioned as YOG NIDRA
  • In Upanishad it is mentioned as TURIYA AVASTHA
  • Sometimes it is known as DREAM therapy

In fact, we all visit in this state twice in a day. Once when we are falling in a sleep, and once when we are waking up. This trance state is the GATEWAY to access our un – conscious potentials. But unfortunately, an ordinary person doesn’t know how to enter and utilize this gateway. Hypnotherapy is the scientific way to utilize this gateway.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe, easy and effective drug-less therapy which is accepted and authenticated by legal and medical system. It can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviors and bad habits. It is also very helpful for sleeping disorders, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues. Hypnotherapy can aid in pain management and help to resolve medical conditions such as digestive disorders, skin issues, and gastrointestinal side effects of pregnancy and chemotherapy.

To apply hypnotherapy we are going to learn and practice following steps during the course:

  1. How to calm down conscious mind
  2. How to enter in to the sub-conscious state of mind
  3. How to remain aware during the sub-conscious state of mind, so we can program it.
  4. How to utilize programming language during the sub-conscious state of mind
  5. Precautions during this programming

Do you Know How Many Times You Came To This Earth ?

According to Einstein “Neither you can create an energy nor you can destroy it. You can just transform an energy”. Ultimately we are the form of an energy. The same principal is connected with our life cycle. Many times we came on earth with different identity. But unfortunately (Or you can say fortunately) our conscious mind is not having that capability to recollect that memories. There is some scientific techniques through which we can set a side our conscious mind and access that past birth’s memories.

As a hypnotherapist it is our prime duty to diagnose the root cause of each problem. For that regression is one of the best methods. Regression means to go back on the time track.

There are two types of regression:

  1. Age Regression: With the help of this method therapist can recollect the memory from currant age to childhood age. It helps therapist to understand the root cause of problem. After that therapist reduce or nullify that rout cause with the help of different mind programming techniques.
  2. Past Life Regression: Just like age regression we can do the same for past lives. In this process we recollect memories of a life lived much before this lifetime. After exploring the past life, we can easily understand its connections with the current life or problem at hand. To reduce or nullify the negative impact of that past life on current life therapist can apply required healing and transformation techniques. It is also very helpful to understand our relationships, if any. On the basis of our past life memories, we can plan our future life with more clear vision.

During this course you will came to know about many scientific as well as spiritual facts of this mysterious world. We are also going to show you many live practical demonstrations about past life regression therapy on our participants. We promise you that this experience will change your perception towards life, relation and health.

Journey Towards The Soul Energy !

In society, to live a normal happy and healthy life we required positively programmed mind. But for the spiritual growth we required NO MIND state. Neither positive nor negative. In spirituality mind itself is the obstacle to access the SOUL ENERGY. To create such MINDLESSNESS, mediation is only the way. Gradually, the practice of meditation allows a person to access soul energy which is the most powerful and pure energy of human being

During this course we will learn and practice the easiest yet powerful meditation techniques.

21 Benefits of this course

01. Self – Healing Methods

02. Anger Management

03. Mental and Physical Health Solution

04. Communication Skill

05. Develop Relationship Skill

06. Get rid of Past tragic events / breakup

07. Learning Ability

08. Emotional Balance

09. Peace and Happiness in life

10. Improve Power of Acceptance

11. Pre-marital and Post marital Problem Solution

12. Get rid of Fears and Phobias

13. Remove Stress and Depression

14. Boost up Immunity Power

15. Overcome Personality Defects

16. Improve Focusing Power

17. Decision Making Power

18. Confidence Building

19. Convincing Power

20. Spiritual Growth

21. Goal Achievement Power

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Sightseeing During this Course

Sunrise Point

Ganga Aarti

Vashishtha Cave

Rajaji National Park

Triveni Ghat

Fun and Excitement During this Course

River Rafting
Jungle Camping
Bungee Jumping

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