Self-Hypnotherapy Course Details:

COURSE NAME : Self – Hypnotherapy – Level 1 (In Hindi)

DURATION : Weekend  Saturday – Sunday course / Approx 1 Month / Approx 18 hrs.

TIME : Evening 8:30 to 10:30

FEES : Rs.9500/- Only

VENUE : Online Live training session (like classroom) | Training @ your place from PC or Mobile !

CERTIFICATION: From Indian Hypnosis Institute


Course Contents:

 Rules to apply Self – Hypnotherapy
 The law of hypnosis
 History of Hypnosis
 Mechanism and function of Mind, Brain & Body
 Un-programming Method of mind
 The law of Meditation
 Natural Meditation
 Designer Meditation
 Self – Hypnosis
 Self – Hypnotherapy
 Re-programming Method to remove fear, tragic past event, belief modification, behavioral changes etc.
 Pre-programing Method for success in interview, exam, practical performance, confidence, etc.
 Psychological Purification (Solar-Lunar Method)
 Future Life Programming (TBDD Method)
 How to identify and utilize INBORN TELENT
 Health Programming Method
 Wealth Programming Method
 How to balance and utilise Intelligent Quotient (IQ)
 How to balance and utilise Emotional Quotient (EQ)
 How to balance and utilise Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
 Scientific Mantra Technique (Fastest Programming method of mind)
 Practical and practice

Hypnotherapy is worldwide legally and medically authentic therapy. It is recognized by AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION and BRTISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION before decades. In India it is approved since 2003. Hypnotherapy is the gateway of your sub conscious mind. As we know that, to control and modify the mind is toughest work for most of the people. Due to uncontrolled and unguided mind a person creates many negative, wrong and unwanted beliefs, habits and experiences. All these lead him / her into the serious psychological disorders. By learning or applying hypnotherapy a person can visit into his /her sub-conscious mind where any kind of modification is possible.

As per the data of WHO (World Health Organization) psychological disorders are crossing the limits and it takes number one position in the world. Stress, anxiety, depression, phobia etc. are the most common disorders we found in society.  Ignorance of such psychological problems leads a person into serious physical disease like thyroid, B.P., Diabetics, etc. Medical research has proven that, “Psychological disorders are the root cause of most of physical disease”.  Not only that, but it also negatively effects on a person’s professional, social and sexual life. Hypnosis is only the authentic drugless therapy which can help a person to cure such psychological disorders. To live a batter life, a person can quickly and easily modify his / her thought pattern, behavior pattern and habit pattern through hypnotherapy.

Health:  Stress, Depression, Frustration, Suicidal thought, Anxiety, Fear, Phobia, Thyroid, B.P., Diabetics, etc.

Corporate:  Convincing Power, Negotiation Skill, Communication Skill, Inter personal Relation, Work load management skill, Stress    management, Presentation Skill, etc.

Education: Confidence Level, Concentration Power, Memory Power, Goal Achievement power, Learning Skills, Interview skill, etc.

Sports: Winning Habits, Self Confidence, Focusing Power, Pressure Handling Skill, Enthusiastic Performance, Psychological Fitness, Injuries Management Skill, etc.

Training: Dialog Delivery Techniques, Convincing Power, Personality, Report Building Methods, Communication Skill, Mind Controlling Methods, etc.

Self-Help: Behavioral Changes, Thought Pattern Changes, Learning Skill, Logical Power, Personality, Erase bad memory,  Creative Skill, etc.​​

Spirituality: Understand and Experience of past life, Law of Karma, Universal laws ,Good and Bad Energy, Astral travelling, Inner cleansing method, Meditation, etc.

Parents | Students | Businessmen | House Wife | Sales Person | Marketing Person | Doctor |Researcher | Psychologist | Psychiatrist | Trainer | Therapist | Healer | Professor | Astrologer | Vastu Expert | Palmist | Reiki Expert |Spiritual Personalities

At the end of each session you will be allowed to ask any question related to your problem / topic / query. For that you need to attend this webinar from compatible computer or laptop. Please take note that mobile device is only compatible for one way communication and two way chatting.

  • You can easily attend a session from anywhere, anytime using a compatible computer, laptop or mobile device!
  • Microphone and speakers (headset recommended)
  • ​​​​​​​4G / 1mbps Internet connection


If you want to be a presenter and establish audio – video communication from your side then you need to attend a session from compatible computer / laptop only.

STEP 1 :


STEP 2 :

Fill the required details like name, address, e-mail, country and mobile number etc. Select your payment method and make the payment.

STEP 3 :

You will get webinar course login link at your registered e-mail address before 24 hrs from starting the course


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