Ht. Chirayu Jaiswal

Ht. Chirayu Jaiswal Founder of IHI, Master Hypnotist(USA), M.A. (Psychology), M.D. (Hypno), D.P.A.

Every human on this planet has to endure some kind of struggle and hardships in life irrespective of being rich or poor, but everyone wishes for a happy and comfortable life. Although Hypnotist Chirayu has a different perspective towards this:

“There would be no value of a single virtue in nature if the opposite did not exist. Imagine a life full of only day without night or vice versa or good without bad or vice versa or for that matter prosperity without poverty… A single virtue will lose its value without the opposite. Who will know the value of a Hero when there would be no Villain? So the most of the times unwanted virtues like struggle, pain, poverty and hardships are keys to finding out true meaning and value of good things in life.”

In the early part of 1981, Dr. Hemant Jaiswal had begun his journey to the world of hypnosis. It was during this period that his wife had conceived Chirayu. Dr Hemant was facing severe challenges on work front as a School Teacher and finances were not very good. It was then he learnt about hypnosis (which was not so popular in those times in India) and it intrigued him so much, that he took upon himself to learn and master the techniques of hypnosis. During this process he used to discuss his learning with his wife (who was pregnant with Chirayu) and so Chirayu started knowing about Hypnosis even before being born (just like in Mahabharata Abhimanyu the Son of Arjun learnt the technique of breaking the formation of Chakravyuh from Lord Krishna, who used to discuss this with his sister Subhadra  who was carrying Abhimanyu) which is known as “Garbh Gyan” or “Pre-natal Learning” in our culture. Dr Hemant soon started conducting workshops related to hypnosis. When Chirayu was born on 12th October of 1981 he carried the knowledge about hypnosis and mind-related sciences with his birth to this world.

Because of his prenatal learning he was naturally inclined towards the study of Mind related science from his early childhood. At the age of 15 years, he was able to apply practical hypnosis on his father’s clients. And then as a youth he took formal training in Hypnosis and became a professional hypnotist. Generally people first take a formal education and then become Professionals by getting experience by applying their knowledge in practice. But for Chirayu, the learnings (coming informally from his father even before birth) and experience came first and then he got his formal education in the field of Hypnosis which enabled him to structure it in such a way so that he could teach these techniques to people.

Professional Career graph:

  • Bachelor of Arts – (Psychology & Philosophy) from Maharaja Sayajirav University – Vadodara. Gujarat
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hypnotherapy (MD) from AMCCI (Alternativ Medicine Council of Culcutta, India)
  • Master Of Psychology from Shobhit University
  • DPA (Diploma in Performing Arts) with distinction from Maharaja Sayajirav University – Vadodara. Gujarat
  • Participated in “5th National Conference on HYPNOTHERAPY” at M. S. University– Vadodara. Gujarat
  • Certified MASTER HYPNOTIST by CHI (California Hypnosis Institute), USA.
  • For Spiritual growth he has taken many courses and got certificates from BAPS

Chirayu believes that, “Learning is a never ending process and as soon as you stop this process in life, you block your growth.” He keeps this process of learning and growth on-going and he has taken lessons from lives of some great leaders of world like Narayan Dutt Shreemali, Osho, Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. During his student life he has learnt a lot from Milton Ericson (Hypnotist), Develmon (Hypnotist), Keith Barry (Mentalist), Derren Brown (Mentalist) , Dr Brian Weiss (PLR expert), Richard Bandler (NLP Founder),etc. through their online courses & books.

In early days of his student life Chirayu had a tough time deciding about his career choice between being a lawyer by completing LLB (which was a more popular career choice in mid-90s in India) and being a Professional Hypnotist (which was not at all known in India and Hypnotism was compared to Witchcraft/Black Magic by many a people in India). From a steady income perspective becoming a Lawyer seemed a good choice, but it was not what he liked or rather his heart approved, because he was born to be a hypnotist. Hence he chose a totally un-trodden career path of learning Hypnosis, Psychology & Spirituality, which his heart approved although steady income was a big question mark from it during those days. But he took up the challenges and followed his inner voice and embarked on this exciting journey which he has not regretted till date.

By the grace of god and his parents’ blessings , Chirayu has fulfilled his father’s dream of establishing Hypnotism & Hypnotherapy as a definite science in India, which has helped change thousands of lives not only all across India but also around the world for better. Today, I.H.I. is providing world class knowledge in the fields of Hypnotism, Hypnotherapy & NLP. And the journey continues…



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