INDIAN HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE (IHI) is founded by Ht. ChirayuJaiswal. Earlier it was known as MAUNANGINI institute. Our journey began in 1981 by our father of hypnosis Dr. HemantJaiswal. It was very hard time in India to create positive awareness for HYPNOTHERAPY. But gradually we got success. We can proudly say that our institute is firstand one and only in India who started to help police department for CRIME DETECTION through hypnosis. During this long journey we trained and treated lakhs of individual and professional personalities like doctors, businessmen, film stars, students, etc.

At present students and trainers of IHI practicing HYPNOTHERAPY all around the world.We welcome people from all area of life for their personal and professional growth.


As an Indian we know that India was the hub of an amazing knowledge regarding health, education, spirituality and many more. We were having the huge university known as TAKSHASHILA in 4th century and NALANDA in 5th century. In our ancient universities we were having all kind of subject like mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medical science and surgery, fine arts, mechanical and production technology, civil engineering and architecture, shipbuilding and navigation, sports and games,  commerce, futurology, music, dance, literature, astrology, etc. You will be surprise to know that there were a nine story building for library in naland university and it was full with divine knowledge and secret formulas related to human life and it’s growth.  Students from all over world like Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Persia and Turkey came to study in this university. When the world was trying to walk, we were flying into the sky!  But unfortunately today, we lost our most of that precious knowledge, documentation and the secret formulas.  As an Indian it is our humble duty to relive all that secret for humanity. We tried and got success in the field of psychology, mind and spirituality.

It is our vision to establish an unique university where..

  1. Student can get knowledge not information
  2. Person can understand the value of health, happiness, relation in life rather then money
  3. Business men can have the clear understanding that money is by product of knowledge and it’s application
  4. An individual can have the clear vision that materialistic world is useless without happiness. Happiness is the ultimate goal of life and all other things and persons are way to reach our goal.
  5. Researcher and scientist can start there work by visiting inside the mind not outside the mind (Like our ancient scientists)
  6. The world can run after peace and happiness instead of position and power.
  7. By utilizing energy we can be the CREATOR not DESTROYER

We know that all it looks like a fantasy. But remember, all reality starts from fantasy only. Our today’s thought will become tomorrow’s action and tomorrow’s action will become one day’s reality.

To execute our vision we are having strong plan. But still we are seeking some like minded personality and investors to execute our plan with more systematized and mannered way.

Ht. Chirayu Jaiswal
Founder of IHI, Master Hypnotist(USA), M.A. (Psychology), M.D. (Hypno), D.P.A.
IHI Professional
Dr. Hemant Jaiswal
M.A. (Eng), B.Ed., Ph.D. (Hypno)
IHI Professional
Dr. RuturajJaiswal
Ph.D. – Psychology
Media & Marketing Partner
Inspire Mediacom and its team are associated with us as a Media & Marketing Agency. We authorize them to represent us fully for the purposes of promoting our services through their marketing techniques and organizing events for doing so.




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