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Mainstream Acceptance and Integration

Leading Sectors Like Healthcare and Wellness Industry, Corporate World, Athletics and Film Industry has accepted hypnosis for their well-being.

Research and Evidence Based - Authentic Practice

Hypnosis is Legally Accepted by most countries around the world. In India It was legalize on 25th November 2003.


Breaking Down Geographical Barriers - The sky's the limit !

As technology continues to advance, virtual and online platforms allow hypnosis expert to offer their services to a global audience.

Highlighted Course Content

You'll Learn

Are you ready to take your practice to extraordinary heights and create profound impacts in the lives of those you serve? Imagine a tool that can unlock the hidden potential of the mind, leading to astonishing breakthroughs, healing, and personal growth. That tool is PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTIST COURSE and it’s time to consider integrating it into your professional journey.

Practical Hypnosis

You’ll find out a simple trick to hypnotize yourself and others – no more confusing methodology! Apply hypnosis to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Effective Therapy

You’ll discover a quick and easy way to get rid of any kind of psychological, psychophysical, and psycho-social disorders by applying hypnotherapy.

Hypnotic Communication

You’ll get a complete step-by-step process (SOP) to apply verbal and nonverbal communication that makes your convincing and negotiation power stronger than ever!

Mind Prediction

You’ll get my personal formula for reading intention, emotion, and thought of others’ minds (Secretly)!

Past Life Regression

You’ll get a complete set of hypnotic commands that makes it easier than ever to apply past-life regression therapy. You ‘ll be able to understand and eliminate mental blockages with it.

Pre-Natal Education

You’ll discover a surprising way to identify inborn talent – this is so an easy way to get tremendous energy for success, you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!

Instant Hypnosis

Are you short on time? Then you’re going to love instant hypnosis techniques – you can start mind programming in 30 seconds or less!

Subliminal Hypnosis (NLP)

You'll be able to communicate the sub-conscious mind even without applying verbal hypnosis.

Advance Meditation

The most advanced and accurate method to enlighten your spiritual journey.

Professional Secrets

Gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes proven formulas, confidential methods, and techniques that turbocharge your professional advancement!

And much, much more – this professional hypnotist course gives you everything you need to be a successful therapist, counselor, and trainer.

Act today for a better


You're drawn to the possibilities you're glimpsing. This course holds the power to work wonders in your personal, professional, and social spheres. Let me inquire – how committed are you to your future? If your answer is a resounding 'yes,' then the time to act is now. Your future springs forth from the present moment.

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7 Compelling Reasons

Why to Enroll?

Here Are 7 Good Reasons Why the PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTIST course is The Best Way to Become a Successful Therapist, Counsellor, and Trainer.

Recording Permission

You’ll be allowed to record all theoretical and practical sessions during the course. You may feel surprised! Because most trainer does not permit the same. They are worried that their secret formula will be leaked, but we aren't. We only focus on your learning success.

Opportunity to Win Competition

The growth opportunity is open for all, even for your competitor also. You need to understand that competition kills the fake and weak. It gives strength to real experts who is having deep knowledge, expertise, and the ability to provide an effective solution. PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTIST course will help you to become an exponent in the field of therapy, counseling, and training. So, you can play well in both online and offline markets.

Forever Safe Profession

In the journey of life, uncertainty is our constant companion. Just a few years ago, the world confronted the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, reshaping our lives in profound ways. Today, we stand at the brink of the AI revolution, a technological upheaval that's rewriting our future. And in the midst of it all, the field of hypnosis stands strong, resilient, and more promising than ever before.

Be a Part of the Digital Revolution

In today's digital age, the opportunities for sharing and gaining knowledge have expanded vastly. Even the most remote areas having ability to access information, connect with others, and participate in various online activities. As the world becomes more interconnected, the importance of establishing an online presence has grown significantly, especially for professionals and businesses. Upon course completion, we'll provide a step-by-step process for "Online Presence," enabling you to earn smartly and effortlessly.

Highly Effective Outcome - Driven Approach

You’ll learn the fastest and easiest techniques to solve your and others' problems. Even experts will love to learn the same.

Q and A Session

You’ll be allowed to ask as many questions as you like and we would love to answer them. Thus, you'll come near to your excellence.

Personal Attention

We allow a limited number of students in a batch. So that, we could focus on each student personally and provide hand-holding support.

As you can see that there are a lot of benefits to joining the PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTIST course. This is a guaranteed way to solve problems in personal, professional, and social life. And that’s why you’re going to want to get a hold of these solutions.

Know Your Mentor

Chirayu Jaiswal

Director of IHI | Master Hypnotist (USA) | M.A. (Psychology) | M.D. (Hypno) | D.C.M.H. (Nimhance-NDA) | D.P.A. (M.S. Uni.)
  • As An Institute, Serving Since 1981
  • Personally Having More Than 25 Years Of Experience As A Mentor, Therapist & counselor
  • Trained, Treated, and Transformed millions of lives
  • Worked for laymen to high-profile personalities like Doctors, Judges, Police Officers, Politicians, Industrialists, Bollywood Stars, Saints, etc.
  • Having expertise in Hypnosis, Psychology, NLP, Mind Power, Philosophy, Life Skills, Past Life Regression, and Spirituality.

Effect Of Hypnotherapy​


Result of a comparative study done by ALFRED A. BARRIOS (Ph.D.) published in AMERICAN HEALTH MAGAZINE, volume 7

Hypnotherapy (In Just 6 Session)
C.B.T. (In 22 Session)
Psychoanalysis (In 600 Session)

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Professional Hypnotist Course
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  • Duration: 100+ Hours
  • Mode: Offline / Online
  • Language: Hindi / Gujarati
  • Certificate: By Indian Hypnosis Inst.
  • Re-Joining: Lifetime Free
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EMI Offer

Professional Hypnotist Course
60000 Per Month (Total 2 EMI)
  • Duration: 100+ Hours
  • Mode: Offline / Online
  • Language: Hindi / Gujarati
  • Certificate: By Indian Hypnosis Inst.
  • Re-Joining: Lifetime Free
Option - 2

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Kavita Lal Model (Dubai)

I was in search of a good hypnosis teacher from last many years. Finally my journey comes to end at my home country in IHI. Due to competition, it was very difficult for me to sustain in my modeling field. I was also having some personal issues. All these leads to me stress. Gradually I was losing my professional potentiality and social life. Thank you Chirayu sir to giving my confidence back. After the course I can visualize my bright future. I have used many hypnosis techniques to get success in my personal and professional life.

Mihir Bhatt Mentor | Mid Brain & DMIT expert

After completing the course, I accumulated the best knowledge of hypnosis along with many other faculties of life. Many hidden facts pertaining to psycho-spiritual development were explained by Sri Chirayu Jaiswal in the most simple and articulate language. Also, the practical experience of astral traveling, out-of-body experience, and above all, the near-death experience have created everlasting vivid memories. I thank my dear guru Sri. Chirayu for all the knowledge he gave me with an open heart. I am sure he will be able to spread his knowledge for the cause of humanity throughout the world. I wish him the best of success.

Dhrudip Thakkar Economist

I was doing my research on economics for the last many years. But I was not able to reach any conclusion. I don’t know how but after joining the course I got all the sources automatically in front of me. I got the success. Thank you sir.

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