1. CLIENT: Any person who join / subscribe our institute and / or accept / agree / sign our terms and condition by online / offline way for the purpose of therapy / training course / tour / workshop / seminar / webinar (For Tangible / Intangible product) is called CLIENT here
  2. SUBSCRIBER: Any person who share his / her contact details directly / indirectly (Via Just Dial, India Mart etc.) with our institute and / or accept / agree / sign our terms and condition by any online / offline way is called  subscriber here.
  3. INSTITUTE: Here the word institute includes the both “Indian Hypnosis Institute -(IHI)”and “Maunangini Education Charitable Trust”.
  4. PRODUCT: Our institute provides both kinds of services: Tangible and Intangible.
    • Tangible Product: It includes selling or sharing of audio, video, document, software related to our training course / therapy / workshop / seminar by using any data drive / online link / Digital Media.
    • Intangible Product: It includes online training courses and therapeutic session by using digital media technology / webinar technology. It also covers offline face to face training course and therapy at our centers.



Hear by we both CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER and INSTITUTE are mutually agree to follow the under maintained business policies / terms and conditions. By accepting / signing this agreement CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER is ready to use the PRODUCT provided by INSTITUTE and to pay the full amount of the same. Against the payment of the CLIENT, INSTITUTE is agreeing to provide the PRODUCT related services selected by the client.


  1. By joining / subscribing, CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER agrees to receive e-mail, sms, massage, post from INSTITUTE on there shared contact details in any format like text, image, video, link, document.
  2. By joining / subscribing, CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER permitting to INSTITUTE to send e-mail, sms, massage, post on his / her shared contact details via any online / offline platform.
  3. To stop receiving e-mail / sms / massage / post, client / subscriber needs to unsubscribe themselves by clicking on unsubscribe link / visiting institute’s website www.indianhypnosis.com


  1. Any person can join our institute and enjoy our tangible and intangible products by paying us online via using our secure payment getaway or offline at our centers in cash / d.d. / chaque.
  2. All government taxes / charges are not included in our fees structure. Client need to pay it at the time of full payment.
  3. Accommodation and food will be managed by the client or he / she need to pay extra for that.
  4. To confirm your registration / seat / appointment, client need to pay minimum 25% amount or full amount of selected product / service. (For Intangible Product)
  5. To confirm your registration / seat / appointment, client need to register his / her name before the last date declared by the institute or minimum 15 days before in advance. (For Intangible Product)
  6. All payment must be done in advance before starting our online or offline services. (For Intangible Product)
  7. After full payment for purchasing our product, institute will deliver the same within 15 working days in India. (For Tangible Product)


  1. If you missed to attend your registered / conformed course / therapy / tour / workshop / seminar then we will give you another chance to attend the same program in our next schedule. We will adjust your paid amount in that. (For Intangible Product)
  2. If any client wants to cancel his / her registration then he / she must inform to institute before minimum 10 days in advance from the starting date of event / course / program. In such case institute will charge and deduct 10% amount of the total value of selected product. And rest amount will be refunded to the client. (For Intangible Product)
  3. If any client discontinues the event / course / program / therapy / tour from any mid-point then institute is not responsible for any kind of refund to the client. (For Intangible Product)
  4. Once our product is ordered / delivered it is not reversible. No cancellation or refund available for our book / audio / video / software etc. (For Tangible Product)
  5. If institute fails to deliver selected product to the client within prescribed time limitation, then client has right to cancel the same and to get 100% refund of the paid amount. (For Tangible Product)
  6. If delivered product is having any defect then client has right to complaint in institute for change / replace the same. Institute is bound to change / replace the same product to the client without any extra cost. (For Tangible Product)
  7. Institute shall not be responsible to client / student / patient for any damage or injury in person or property in the event of any stampede, disruption, civil commotion (riot) caused due to individual quarrel, dispute or act of God / natural events such as rain, fire, earthquake etc.


  1. At our institute, your privacy is very important. Your submitted information in our institute like your name, address, e-mail, contact details, payment details as well as some other details regarding your personal and professional life, may help us to assist you batter. We do NOT sell or share this information or data to any advertiser / third party. It’s completely safe with us.
  2. All the video / audio recordings and photographs generated during workshop / seminar / tour / course / therapy are the property of institute. Institute is having exclusive rights to utilize such data for their marketing / publicity / selling purpose.
  3. All the contents / theme / videos / images / Logo / ideas available on our website www.indianhypnosis.com are the intellectual property of our institute. To copy and utilize these for other purpose without our prior permission is legal offence.


  1. The information provided by me regarding myself and about my problems / purpose is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I also admit that I have read and understood all the information in details provided by the INSTITUTE / concerned expert of the therapy /course / organizer and I am aware of the procedure and the result of treatment / course to be given to me / selected by me.
  3. I am giving my consent willingly to the expert / therapist / doctor / trainer and his / her assistant appointed by the INSTITUTE for my treatment / problem solution / counseling / training course.
  4. I know that this INSTITUTE provides completely non allopathic, drug less and natural therapy / course. So there is no possibility of any kind of negative effect from it. In case of any kind of unexpected and unavoidable result / risk, neither the INSTITUTE nor the expert / therapist / doctor / assistant will be responsible for that, I declare.
  5. I say and submit that , I will not suppress any kind of fact regarding my disease / disorders / medicines / psychological problems / personal and professional problems during my case study / therapy / course.
  6. I assure to complete the course / therapeutic session selected by me / suggested by the institute / expert. In case of my failure to continue the course / treatment within prescribed time, I will be responsible for all the consequences.
  7. I am giving surety to institute that, I will not share / sell any kind of Course material/ therapeutic material and “Audio / Video data” created during training course / workshop / seminar / tour to anyone. All such data I will use only for myself purpose.
  8. I promise to co-operate trainer / therapist / organizer / institute to achieve the best result and to maintain discipline and harmony.


  1. Hear we want to clarify our clients that we are not medical doctors and we are not using / applying any kind of medical treatment like medicine, injection, chemical, drugs, surgery during our training course / therapy / workshop / seminar / tour. We apply / use only natural psychological sciences.
  2. We are assuring our clients for our best services / training course / therapy. But on another side it is the duty of client to follow all that knowledge / science / procedure in to his / her practical life to achieve desired result. If he / she fails to do so, institute is not responsible.
  3. We do not charge for repetition of the course which is already completed by the student earlier. But he / she need to pay some basic charge for their seat, food, up gradation.
  4. Institute is having right to change or modify any fees structure, business policies (terms and conditions) and product related services anytime without any notice to the client.
  5. In case of any mischief / illegal activity / fraud / misbehave / disobey by the client, institute is having right to cancel his / her registration immediately. Institute may take legal action against the client in such case.
  6. We do not cover any kind of health insurance, life insurance or insurance for personal property damage caused by fire, theft, rain, war, acts of god, acts of other and or any other losses of client. Institute is hereby advice to client to obtain his own insurance policy to cover such losses.


  1. In case of any kind of dispute arise between institute and client, it is the responsibility of client to discuss about the matter with the key person (Main Office) for batter solution.
  2. In case of any legal proceeding, jurisdiction will be Vadodara, Gujarat.


    We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions regarding our BUSINESS POLICIES / TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We will go through it and do needful.